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Film lamination

At the client's request, we apply a film lamination to the surface of the stainless steel, which allows to protect the surface of the metal not only from environmental factors, but also from mechanical effects. We also use film lamination for laser cutting and deep drawing. The film we use has a high degree of strength, is easy to remove and leaves no traces.

Film thickness from 60 to 100 mcg. Our suppliers are the largest European film manufacturers NITTO RUS and PoliFilm. Our production facilities allow to apply film both on stainless sheets and on coil as a whole. Our equipment allows to glue film on slitting line and cut-to-length lines of metal cutting. The cost of the film lamination is repeatedly paid for by the increased safety of the metal products protected by it.

We guarantee high quality work, as we value our clients and many years of reputation.

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